What We Offer

Smartypants Happiness offers webinars which are similar to our workshops but with no need to travel.  Our fun, engaging webinars are designed to inspire you to create less stress, more joy and a stronger sense of happiness in your life.

The webinars include mindfulness meditations and individual activities which support increased self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your strengths and natural talents.

You will also work on your own unique goals, inspired by who you are and what you want.

By actively learning more about yourself and discovering your own unique perspectives and possible internal roadblocks, you will develop the skills needed to move forward with enthusiasm.

Our passion is to support you in living the life of your dreams.   

Free Webinars Coming Soon!

We offer free 30-minute webinars on a variety of topics to inspire you to de-stress and live with purpose. 

Our upcoming webinars are:

Take the Edge Off - Mindfulness for Less Stress and More Joy!

Bring on the Metta - Reduce Stress with LovingKindness Practice!

(Please stay tuned for dates/times.)